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The Bruegge Band


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Everyone knows that The Bruegge Band has fun when they play. They would go to the opening of a new phone booth just to entertain.


Some know Ed as The Leader of the Band, some as Guitar Man, others as Harmonica Man. Those who know him well also know him as "Catfish Man". Say's Ed "We're just down home folks who really enjoy having fun."


Jack, also known as "John" plays guitar, piano, organ and maybe the accordian (all by ear), but has the most fun playing with his trains. So you can just call him "Train Man".


At one time Ed was so bashful he would hardly face the audience. Many jams and a lot of experience later and he now headlines the group as lead singer as well as rhythm guitar. He also plays mandolin and banjo.


Catfish fry and country music. It doesn't get any better than that!


Jere Spanier jams with the band on Mandolin and Banjo.


In spite of the mosquitos and "no see ums" Ed and the band played on at Oakland Mills near Mt. Pleasant.


Nikki holds the group together as well as hitting the hot licks on the bass guitar. She also cooks the fish at their awsome catfish frys and makes a mean batch of kettle corn. You can also catch her playing banjo.


The Harmonica Man


Ed sits at the controls as the "Sound Guy".


An outdoor jam at Oakland Mills near Mt. Pleasant, IA with Rosalie Rodgers looking on.

The Bruegge Band * 2125 125th St.* Fairfield, IA * US * 52556